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Ten of marvel's wonderful movies

In recent days, the avengers 3, which has been released in various countries, has once again set off a box office boom that has satisfied marvel fans. So what are some of marvel's best movies, and here are 10 of them.

Some marvel superhero movies.

With the release of the avengers 3, the marvel craze has exploded again, and its superheroes are once again in the spotlight. So,how many movies marvel have about superheroes?Here are some of them.

Some classic movies about superheroes.

I'm sure everyone will be familiar with marvel. Its superheroes include spiderman, iron man, hulk and so on. The avengers, the superhero team, staged a spectacular movie and made a lot of money for marvel. With the release of the avengers alliance 3, these wonderful movies and beloved super heroes into people's attention again, here are listed some of the diffuse wei superhero movie classics.

Some Robots Movies

With the development of science and technology, robots are becoming more intelligent, and what is the relationship between robots and people in the future? Some of the movies here consider the relationship between the future man and the robot in all aspects. There is peace and conflict. Let's have a look!

Indian Movies That Can't Be Missed.

Hollywood is known as a movie mecca, so what do you know about bollywood? In recent years, there have been many wonderful films in bollywood in India. These films are not only wonderful in plot, but also teach the audience some truth. Let's see what the movies are!

Some Movies About Natural Disasters

Human overuse of resources and improper environmental protection have caused a lot of natural disasters. Here are some natural disasters.What happens when you face nature's revenge?

A Series Of Movies About Superman.

Superman is a super hero that we are familiar with, and is admired by everyone. Now, there's a series of movies about superman that you can watch.

10 Movies Like

Fifty Shades of Freed, released on February 9, 2018, is an American romantic drama film with a touch of eroticism. Here is a list of movies like “Fifty Shades of Freed” that will surely entertain you… and satisfy your deep, dark pleasure pursuits.

The 20 Best Valentine's Day Movies

This list has the most romantic Valentine's Day movies, many of which are very popular titles that won multiple awards. Hope you like it!

The List of Movies in HD

Watch the movies in HD!


Christmas is nearly here. We have made a list of 20 best christmas movies? How many of these have you watched?

The Movies You Should Watch Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving is upon us. We have assembled a list of the best movies to go see over the long weekend to fit any mood

Movies to Get You in the Mood for Halloween

These are some of the movies that I like to watch around Halloween every year. These films are a mixture of horror movies, as well as fantasy/Halloween movies. How many of them have you seen?

Movies That Are More Well Known Than Their Books

This is a list of films that were based on books, but ended up being more popular and iconic than their source material.That's right. NONE of these are original movies.

20 Favorite Best Picture Winners

This is my list of my top 20 favorite Best Picture winners feel free to come back to the list whenever you seen the movie you hadn't before.

Top 20 Wedding Movies of All Time

Here is a compendium of matrimonial-themed films that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love.Hope you like it!

25 Must-See Music Movies

This is a list of twenty-five must-see movies in the genre of music if you are a fan of these kind of movies.

15 Favourite Westerns

My 15 favourite westerns as of June 2017. Ordered roughly by preference, although I like most of them equally.

Mummy Movies

The Mummy is the title of several horror-adventure film series centered on an ancient Egyptian priest who is accidentally resurrected, bringing with him a powerful curse, and the ensuing efforts of heroic archaeologists to stop him. Also sometimes there's a Scorpion King or Dr. Jekyll.

DC Extended Universe Movie List

Wonder Woman is now in theaters and earning enough strong buzz to possibly reverse a lot of fans' negative impression of the DC Extended Universe. Here is a list of DC Extended Universe Movies.

Most-watched Movies On Our Site In May

Here is the list of most-watched movies of May. It's time to relax and watch your favorite movies!

30 Coolest Movies of All-Time

"These are the movies that had you sitting back, nodding your head and muttering "This is awesome" under your breath; that offered up badass characters and unforgettable soundtracks; that were slick, suave, and super smooth. Above all, though, these movies embraced a sense of breezy effortlessness that seeped off the screen and into the aisles, essentially transferring their sense of stylishness and chic to everybody and anybody who saw 'em... "

Pirates of the Caribbean Collection

Pirates of the Caribbean is a series of fantasy swashbuckler films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and based on Walt Disney's theme park ride of the same name. The films take place in a fictional historical setting; a world ruled largely by alternative versions of the British Empire, the East India Company and the Spanish Empire, with pirates representing freedom from the ruling powers.Here is the list of Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Roger Moore's James Bond Movies

Each generation has its James Bond. For fans of a certain age, that was Roger Moore. He played James Bond in more films than any other man. Of his seven efforts, two are among the best of the overall series, while many of the others have their strengths.This list is for all films starring Roger Moore as James Bond.

Tom Cruise Movies - Are You a Top Gun?

Over the years, Tom Cruise has brought lots of great movies to movie lovers from all around the globe. If you've seen the most Top Gun movies then YOU could be Top Gun!

The 25 Best Time Travel Movies

A list of 25 best movies about time travel.How many of these movies have whisked you through time and space?

20 Visually Inspiring Films

Here are 20 films that are stunning to watch. It may be their cinematography, costumes, make-up, special effects of a combination that sees them on this list.

The Most Fun Movies Set in Space

Who said space has to be boring or serious or terrifying? Well... being sucked into the vacuum of space where every liquid in your body will boil you alive may still be horrifying, but that doesn't mean we ant still have fun!

Most-watched Movies On Our Site In April

Here is the list of most-watched movies of April. It's time to relax and watch your favorite movies!

20 Surprisingly Feminist Sci-Fi Films

Good science fiction movies are hard to find, but good feminist science fiction movies are even more rare. Each of these 20 science fiction movies feature strong female characters who fight their way out of male expectations and gender roles placed on them by the patriarchy. In other words: they're pretty awesome.

Movies a Teen Girl Must See

How many have you seen? These are movies that a teenage girl must see! We hope you like the list!

Really Sad Movies

This is a list of the some of saddest movies ever made. How many of them have made you cry? I know I have cried a few tears in many of these.

20 Movies Nearly Everyone Has Seen

Movies that it seems like just about everyone has seen; based on box-office, commercial appeal, lasting popularity, prevalence in conversation, and iconic status.

Movies Where Things Happen Out of Order

Whether they're nonlinear or nonchronological, these films disorient the audience by showing the sequence of events out of order.

Most-viewed Movies On Our Site in March

Here is a list of our site's most-viewed movies in March. Which is your favourite?

Favourite Films to Watch Over and Over

List of films I never get tired of watching. How many have you seen?

Movies Based on a True Story

Movies based on true stories or events.

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